Dickinson’s Daily Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths | ** Initial Review

When first getting “serious-serious” on my skin care journey, I started small. No face masks or anything like that, just a way to remove my make-up and cleanse my face without actually doing the actual, drawn out process!

While in Target, I came across a LOAD of brands & I literally analyzed their differences for wayyy longer than intended! I peeped ingredients, looked at ratings & reviews online, pricing, etc! & honestly, one ingredient that immediately stood out to me was “witch hazel“. I had heard quite a bit about it via YouTubers and how it works wonders on the pores and keeping everything nice and toned. So, seeing this as the stand-out ingredient in Dickinson’s Daily Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths, I definitely wanted to get them as my first try.

Well, what stopped me?

The reviews.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the type of person who will go against their own gut after reading someone else’s opinion who likely has a different skin type than me and everything, BUT…I thought that since I’m newly dabbling into everything, it’s best to play it safe. That’s when the Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths won the tie.

Finally, after finishing those wipes, I knew exactly which ones I’d be trying next! So I grabbed them (they run around $4 to $6 on average for a pack of 25 wet wipes) & couldn’t wait to wash my make-up off that night!

& boy…was I shook.

To start out, I definitely have to note how cute the packaging is! Vibrant with a hint of earthy vibes & I am a SUCKER for satisfying aesthetics. After opening, it got even cuter, the little round hole to pull the wipes from looks like the center of the flower and is an overall easy process.

…but DEAR, GOD!! I was NOT expecting the smell! It has a very strong, alcohol scent, that you can get a nice little whiff of before the wipe even touches your face. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous about even putting it on my face after that, but hey…it has aloe in it so it can’t be THAT drying, right? Eh.

Once I finally began the “wiping process” I noticed the texture of the cloth was a bit rough as well. Almost like an actual wash cloth! Well, not as thick or furry, but it’s not exactly what I was hoping for in comparison with the previously used wipes imo.

Still, I proceeded to take my make-up off & I have to say, it does its job. Easy mascara removal & all. The wipe is a nice size & has a good amount of moisture too.

Once I was done, I proceeded to moisturize my face as it was slightly tight otherwise & hoped for best in the morning!

After waking up, my pores were the same. My pores are more pronounced on the t-zone area on the sides of my nose (not ON my nose, but the cheeks) and it’s annoying to say the least so seeing them remaining with their whisker hole existence…I was sad.

So, there weren’t any immediate differences in terms of the benefits it gave me, but a couple of days later…I noticed a couple of bumps on my face! One on my forehead and one on my right cheekbone area.


Honestly…I actually am STILL noticing a couple of bumps forming since using these wipes and I have to say…I will not be getting them again. I’m not bashing the brand in any way, as it could literally just be the roughness of the wipes that isn’t working well with what my skin is used to, and have nothing to do with the actual formula at all.

I will add that I when I dropped make-up on my car seat, something in me told me to use one of these wipes for it & it did a BOMB job! So, yeah! A little life-hack made its way into the mix.

Again, I have combination skin, so I’d probably have to say this product may suit those with predominantly oily skin better in terms on long term use.

I hope this review helped! Stay connected for the empty package review coming soon. (Yes, I’ll still be using them until they’re gone so there’s still a chance for time to heal all).

Stay bump-less! ✨