The Differences Between a Woman, a B*tch & a Hoe.

Okay ladies, Jhene Aiko sang it best in her song b’s & h’s (available on SoundCloud, btw). This entire song is targeted toward guys who think they can comfortably get away with using any female that comes their way to their own advantage; be it, asking her for money, driving her car, living in her home, popping babies in her while continuing to pursue side-chicks, or just freaking draining her energetically & giving non-back in return!…without ever running into some serious repercussions.

There’s a verse toward the end of the song that states, “there is a difference between a woman, a b*tch & a hoe” and it’s been speaking to my soul since the day I first heard it!

Now, before I dive deep into the point, I have to include this reminder…I don’t care how much money you make (bad B’s, this is especially for you): Do not 👏🏾 play mommy 👏🏾 to boys 👏🏾 and expect them to respect you 👏🏾 as a man would respect 👏🏾 his QUEEN!

Okay, now that my hands are dry from all that clapping, I’m gonna re-moisturize & spill this mind-blowing revelation (& no, I’m not drunk…nor high).

So, it all started when I was on the phone with my boyfriend & he was talking about all these dogs he used to have & I immediately started replacing dogs with “b*tches” in my head. Then it all made perfect sense….

Men (& women) call women who can’t be controlled, are toxically-independent, un-committal, BAD B*TCHES. Sooo, what is a “good b*tch“? Basically, a hoe. C’mom…no one actually says,”yasss sis! You looking like a good bish all desperate for attention!

No…just no.


Hoes can’t be controlled in terms of loyalty because they need attention from literally every single human with a 🍆 to feel liberated. They’re “good” because sure…they’ll submit to you (in your face), lounge around the house ready to do whatever, whenever, HOW ever, when asked, even cook…clean on occasion…but essentially they’re aimless & can’t truly love they’re partner or feel satisfied with them alone, because they don’t love themselves. They may not even leave because the main man is feeding them those good ‘ol doggy treats of sex & attention (& money in many cases). So they’re good! Tell them to stay, they will. But a b*tch is gonna be a b*tch & a hoe is gonna be a hoe.

At the end of each & every day.

But I digress…now, moving on to the womanly aspects of things. A woman is a female that does what she wants in terms of her goals, but does them in love & beyond her own understanding… not to prove that she doesn’t need a man & ultimately avoid submission like the plague & definitely not to prove that she’s worthy. Why? Because she doesn’t seek the external validation. She doesn’t seek anything but ways to improve herself as a woman. She knows herself well enough to simply appreciate the attention when I comes without foolishly falling prey to the bait dished out.

Because of the raw femininity she has, she effortlessly submits to the man who adds to her spirit, he reality, her well-being.

A woman isn’t a wild animal, subconsciously competing with men like a bad B, nor is she a naive pet to be trained up as the “good doggy” like a hoe.

She simply,

is Love.