CeraVe – Hydrating Cleansing Bar

Sara-Vay, Sara-Vee…I’m not quite sure how exactly it should properly be pronounced, but regardless of how you personally believe it should be spoken, one thing holds consistent…it’s a YASSS!

For all my baddies on a budget, this facial bar is quite a bit cheaper than its liquid sisters averaging on about $13 a pop. Sure, it’s a bit messier if you don’t have a reliable soap dish (ugh), but overall, the bar is prettyyy long lasting!

I’ve been using my bar since May 7th & almost 3 weeks later, it looks the same freaking size (other than the logo imprint being washed way, but hey, I didn’t get it for decoration!)

Upon opening the box, which isn’t much smaller than your average soap box at all, I noticed the texture IMMEDIATELY! Though it looks like a soap bar, you can definitely tell there’s something magical about to happen to your face (for better or for worse).

Ehh, I’d definitely compare it to a chalky feel but a moisturized chalkiness.

I use this bar in the shower (NOT to wash off a full face of make-up!), & I basically just wet my face enough so that the bar can lather on my skin & then I take my hands and further lather everything up, gently, and then rinse (You can also just rub the bar on your hands and wash the cleanser on you face that way to avoid any bar-to-face interaction).

When I tell you, it feels SO silky! The whole process is a sensual persons skin-care fantasy!

WARNING: I cannot stress this enough, this is 100% a HYDRATING cleanser. I personally have combination skin & ended up looking like a disco ball after putting coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer after the shower & pre-makeup application!

Ladies, you definitely don’t need to go crazy with the moisturizers after using this product! I still used my coconut oil after this incident, but literally a pea-sized amount (half of pea is even better) is good enough for the whole face.

With that said, I definitely know this bar will be a LIFE-SAVER when it gets colder & dryer outside again, as it does its job to a T!

I’d highly recommend this Hydrating Cleansing Bar to anyone with dryer skin looking for all day moisture, with or without makeup and minus the 100 additional steps!

Overall, it’s a little on the pricier side, but you definitely get what you pay for. I can tell it’s going to continue to last me a while, but as soon as it’s only a little slither of its once thickly self, I’ll be back to let you know how if anything changed along the way!

Happy hydrating! 💦