fresh: Lotus Youth Preserve | Review

Before I begin this review, I want to give a huge shout-out to Sephora for offering this gem 💎 free of charge as a reward to be experienced using my oh-too-many points from being a faithful Beauty Insider…because honestly, looking at the full price, it wouldn’t have been my first choice of purchase otherwise!

Anywho, after months and months of dabbling (on & off) with this 0.24 floz sample jar of the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – with Super 7 Complex (not sure exactly what that is yet) by Fresh, I’ve finally become more consistent for the past 2 weeks *breathe*, all I have is one word:


Ladies, when I tell you just a few dots of this cream rubbed onto your freshly washed facial skin will leave you in AWE.

Starting off with the smell | This cream has a super light cucumber/ semi-lotiony smell to it. Definitely not overwhelming and clearly does no harm to the skin as I’ve experienced no breakouts so far.

Moving to the texture, it literally feels like silk to the tough! Not thick but not “runny”. It barely takes a full second to dissolve & it even leaves a “cooling” sensation once “melted”. Not in a “peppermint” kind of way, but like a gust of wind somehow brushed across the area you put it on.

It leaves no weird, sticky residue and my skin feels BABY BOOTY soft every single time I use it! I wake up in the morning and still can’t stop touching my face (which is a bad habit, I know, but this product has made it 10x harder to break! #help).

As far as improvements on my face go, I just started seeing the fine smile lines around my eyes fading after a well and a half of consistent usage. Nothing “major” but when you micro-observe your face everyday, it shows a difference for sure.

Currently, the two main effects from this cream have been the softness of my skin (which occurs instantly) and the benefits it has on reducing fine lines after consistent usage.

Side note: I only have been using this product at night after washing my face. Not in the morning post-shower or under my make-up.

Would I recommend this product? Definitely, I’d say give it a try if you have the extra coin, as it’s closer to $50 for a 1.6 floz jar! I do believe that overtime, it certainly can prove its worth every penny & amazing skin is truly priceless the end of the day! #treatyoself

* Empty jar review coming soon *

Stay soft x