Cranberry Coochie Cravings 😼

So ladies, let’s be honest here…at some point in your life, the coochie was moody.

Just like us, when things aren’t right within, we project it outwardly and it isn’t exactly the most glamorous of things in the world. When Paula is pouting…don’t just let her be sad! It’s your responsibility as a woman to pinpoint the problem and get active on making things right again.

Too often signs such as:

• Excessive discharge

• Blunt odors

• Itchiness

• And heck, if you’re lighter-skinned, even discoloration (usually due to the itching…and nothing else, hopefully.)

go ignored.

A happy va-jay-jay doesn’t cause an absolute scene in order to get your attention! She just is who she is. A va-jay-jay that wants to be treated better and isn’t at ease with herself or your triflin’ self, will make your life a living hell in order to get what she needs to thrive again.

Its only to your best advantage to take heed because it’s not like she can disconnect from your body and leave your a$$ mistreating her, but she can make it so others will leave you…if you know what I mean.

Of course, it all starts in the mind and heart. What you think and feel about your vagina is what will be. Love is a VERB though, so instead of just knowing what she needs & hoping she understands your intentions, GIVE. HER. WHAT. SHE. NEEDS!

To make an already long story short…your coochie wants CRANBERRIES!

Cranberries are known mostly for its effect on healing UTI’s, which I can certainly attest to be true because between me and you, a while ago, I somehow formed an UTI and one of the symptoms is discomfort when you urine. So, annoyed and uncomfortable, I went to buy the AZO pills that numbs the “pee-vessel”, as I’ve heard they at least make the bathroom visits less gruesome, BUT I accidentally bought the AZO Cranberry caplets! I only noticed the difference when I went to use the bathroom the first time post-pill pop & saw that my pee wasn’t neon orange (like the numbing pills were said to cause). However, the UTI was literally gone! I wasn’t uncomfortable at ALL and went about my life like the whole experience was just an illusion.


Now, I wouldn’t suggest these AZO pills to vegans, or anyone sensitive to eggs, because it definitely says on the back of the packaging that they do contain egg (I ate everything under the sun at the time, but will be investing in a new brand soon!)

Also, because cranberries are so good to your ponani, any extra discharge caused by instability within is lessened and naturally the smell (and assumingely, the taste) is then snapped right back into its optimal state.

Along with hella water & just bathing daily her with vagina safe products, she will luh you long time! Treat her like you’d want to be treated…if you’re not treating your pum pum right, do you really love yourself?


Stay posted for more details on my top favorite, vegan friendly, cranberry capsules coming soon (because let’s face it, eating a handful of cranberries every single day is ideal, but not always realistic. #teampillpopper 💊)

Until then, stay sweet 🍒