Caress : Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash

Ladies, let. me. tell. YOU!

I’m fairly new to the “body wash squad“, as I’ve always been a bar soap kinda girl. Yeah, I’ve used some body washes in the past in the case of emergencies, but none ever blew my mind aside from the yummy smells.

Until now, my heart has guided me toward grabbing a good body wash due to my annoyance with bar soap constantly breaking as it wears down, essentially forcing me to throw away a good chunk of my product. As I was shopping in a local Target, I had no idea there was such a large selection of body washes to chose from! No, literally…I had to have been in the aisle comparing and contrasting for a good 30 minutes.

Finally, I came across Caress. Not only was it good for my budget at $3.99, but it also smelled SO freaking good. Originally thinking “Evenly Gorgeous” meant something seductive to wash with pre-date night, I was even happier to realize that “evenly” implied the evening out of your skin tone due to the light exfoliation it provides!

I’m usually more drawn to all natural/organic items, as you can’t really go wrong there too often, but again… ya girl wasn’t trying to splurge on a body wash so soon in the game. So, seeing that this Caress option includes burnt brown sugar AND Karite Butter (which is basically just a more technical name for Shea Butter), I was prettyy sold.

The packaging looks so cute, as it’s a clear bottle that shows the shimmering, gold aesthetic of the product itself. Though pretty big, even my tiny hands had no problem squeezing it out. It pours quite smoothly, not too watery or too think! You can instantly feel the exfoliation when you start to massage it onto your skin. Not nearly as rough as a full blown sugar scrub, but definitely noticeable…it’s kinda like if a sugar scrub was lightly added to body wash (which…is kinda what it is, hence the burnt brown sugar 😅). I would personally say there’s no problem using it daily, as the scrubbing sensation is SO light, you can likely see better, more consistent, results over time this way.

I noticed my skin feeling more moisturized right then and there in the shower! I’ve always had skin on the softer side, but moisturization has always been a battle.

The smell…oh, the smell… is even more intoxicating when being used than it is being sniffed straight from the bottle. In my opinion, it has more of perfume-y smell to it when it isn’t being used, but in the heat of the moment…GIRL, it smells like freshly baked sugar cookies!! Not in a super girlish & overly sweet kind of way, but with a hint of sensuality…there’s something deeper about it that sets it apart from making you think only of dessert.

After my shower, the scent did linger for some time. Even after moisturizing with my hand-made Body Wash, it still was there to remind me… I was just in Heaven.

Needless to say, I could NOT stop touching my skin!!! It’s the softest & most moisturized that it’s EVER been in my life!Definitely a “where have you been all my life!?” moment to say the least.

I do intend on reviewing more body washes in the future, but honestly, this one has set the bar high! Wow. I highly recommend.

Even with eczema prone skin on my inner arms, I had no irritations, so that’s for sure a plus in my book!

Keep a lookout for the Empty Bottle Update on this product to see how the hype held up!

Happy goddess, happy glow ✨