#SilverSisters ๐Ÿ‘‘

Hey Goddesses!

So, YouTube just presented itself as that much more awesomely addicting.


Oh, I’ll tell you why… but brace yourself because this level of excitement can be overwhelming if not prepared for with an open mind & deep rooted self-appreciation.


Are you ready?

Silver Sisters is a group of women who share their transitional journey from hair dye to…NATURAL. GREY. HAIR. Yup, as taboo as it can seem, women have been freeing those little white hairs & allowing them to grow into long manes of white light! *praises to the most high*

Aging is inevitable. Period. If you’re blessed enough to experience year after year, you’re earning that crown so at least give yourself the option of rocking it without fear of looking “old”. Because, gorgeous…if you FEEL old, I don’t care how dark your hair is, you’re going to look old without a grey hair in sight. And if you FEEL vibrant, youthful & grateful to be alive, even translucent hair couldn’t age you one bit!

Spiritually speaking, grey hair is associated with wisdom, emotional balance & purity.

Much like that of grey & white cats (who always seem to come around during your most emotionally unstable outbursts…no, seriously, look around next time…it’s kinda creepy ๐Ÿ˜ธ), gray/white hairs represent balance, which comes from wisdom, which comes from comprehended, soulful, experience.

Not to say that if you don’t have a lot of grey hair, that you’re any less magical. It’s just that we’re all meant to display different areas of of our own personal beauty in abundance based on where we are in this infinite thing called life.

So, if you ever feel pressured to dye your hair, I highly suggest you don’t… Listen to your heart, because that’s what will make you happiest. And we all know, “happy girls are the prettiest“.